Joel Gion - Apple Bonkers-Vinyl LP-South

Joel Gion - Apple Bonkers

After spending a long and strange career as the legendary 'Tambourine Man' for the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Joel Gion has emerged with an armload of his own music done his own way. As might be expected, there are plenty of classic 1960s sounds, but the sonic palette spans every decade since, coloured with timeless touchstones of Joel's record collection - shoe-gaze, post-punk, psychedelia, alt-country and mod/beat music, it's all there. Co-produced by current Brian Jonestown Massacre members Collin Hegna and Rob Campanella, Apple Bonkers also features contributions by Jonestown members Daniel Allaire and Matt Hollywood, along with former Brian Jonestown Massacre members Jeffrey Davies and Miranda Lee Richards. Also along for the ride: Pete Holmstrom of The Dandy Warhols, Ryan Van Kriedt of The Asteroid #4 / Dead Skeletons and Jason 'Plucky' Anchondo of the Warlocks / Sprindrift. Much more than getting by with a little help from his friends, Apple Bonkers sees Gion leading the trip to a psychedelic land of honest-to-goodness rock and roll.