John Wizards - John Wizards LP

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One of the most singular and intriguing records of the year, and one of the loveliest to boot. Since John and Emmanuel first met, the duo have grown into a band and have recorded an album that gently but persuasively gets under your skin, through the strength of its beautiful melodies and strong, smart arrangements. 'John Wizards' is a brilliant combination of African music, R&B and and chamber pop, filtered through gentle electronic arrangements that cross-pollinate with South African house, Shangaan Electro and dub, and it's the sort of music that effortlessly captivates you in with it's beauty and richness. Opener 'Tet Lek Schrempf' starts things off with a gentle waltz before crashing in with a flighty mix of conch shell, handclaps and pitched-up guitar riffing.