Kaada/ Patton - Bacteria Cult-LP-South

Kaada/ Patton - Bacteria Cult

Kaada / Patton is a side project for two prolific musicians, Norwegian soundtrack composer Kaada and Faith No More frontman Mike Patton.

Their band draws on a joint love of film music, with Patton building on his experiences with his band Fant̫mas, who paid an inimitable tribute to horror film scores with their album ‰Û÷The Director‰۪s Cut‰۪.

In addition to the recent release of Faith No More‰۪s first studio album in 17 years plus a sold-out worldwide tour, as well as the recently released Nevermen debut album with Tunde from TV On The Radio and rapper Doseone, Mike Patton has also found the time to be the frontman for Tomahawk, Fantomas and Loveage and has appeared on albums by artists ranging from Bjork to John Zorn.

Kaada has released five studio albums since 2001, as well as scoring more than fifteen films including the 2015 releases of ‰Û÷Diving Into Darkness‰۪ (Finland) and ‰Û÷1001 Grams‰۪ (Norway).

‰Û÷Bacteria Cult‰۪ is the pair‰۪s first studio album in 12 years, since the release of ‰Û÷Romances‰۪.