Kevin Morby - Singing Saw-CD-South

Kevin Morby - Singing Saw

Former Woods bassist and the Babies co-founder Kevin Morby releases his new solo album, 'Singing Saw'. 'Singing Saw' is a record written simply and realized orchestrally. In it, Kevin Morby faces the reality that true beauty - deep and earned - demands a whole-world balance that includes our darker sides. It is a record of duality, one that marks another stage of growth for this young, gifted songwriter with a kind face and a complicated mind. Morby worked on the album with Sam Cohen (Apollo Sunshine, Yellowbirds), as well as pianist / keyboardist Marco Benevento, plus backing vocalists Hannah Cohen, Lauren Balthrop, and Alecia Chakour, and drummers Nick Kinsey and Justin Sullivan. Oliver Hill and Eliza Bag contributed strings, Alec Spiegelman contributed saxophone and flute, Cole Kamen-Green played trumpet, and John Andrews (Quilt) played singing saw.