Killing Joke - What's This For-LP-South

Killing Joke - What's This For


The second Killing Joke album from 1981. If not quite as remarkable as the band's gripping self-titled debut, What's This For...! showed that Killing Joke could maintain its frenetic, doom-wracked intensity while experimenting with its already strongly established style. Coleman's vocals go through even more treatments and tweaks than before, chorus shout-alongs swathed in deep echoes, hidden behind Geordie's punishing riffs and the steroid-driven rhythm section. Big Paul Ferguson in particular lays down some absolutely skull-crushing drum slams; Youth is no less intense at most parts, and often they rather than Coleman or Geordie dictate the song, as the lengthy death-groove of Madness makes perfectly clear. Other highlights include the single Follow the Leaders and the razor sharp Fall of Because.åÊ

LP - 1000 copies only. Picture Disc.