Kula Shaker - K (20th Anniversary Edition)-LP-South

Kula Shaker - K (20th Anniversary Edition)


Reissue of this classic album. Mixing rock'n'roll with mystical Indian spiritualism, Crispin Mills creates something that no single genre can really describe. The mix of exceptional 70's style tracks like the explosive, bursting-with-energy opener, Hey Dude and the sublime and unorthodox Hollow Man and songs that take their cue from Hindu spiritualism, like Govinda and Temple of Everlasting Light, makes this album stand up well despite the years. K was born from the influences of George Harrison, The Grateful Dead, The Kinks, Deep Purple and the Doors. The album combined an onslaught of volume, overdriven guitars, and catchy melodies resulting in an album that remains an excellent blast of colourful neo-psychedelia.

Includes an extensive essay