Land Observations - The Grand Tour-Vinyl LP-South

Land Observations - The Grand Tour

Land Observations (aka musician and artist, James Brooks) presents ‰Û÷The Grand Tour‰۪, the follow up to 2012‰۪s critically acclaimed debut album, ‰Û÷Roman Roads IV-XI‰۪. Where the debut album was concerned with the roads of communication and conquest that stretched across the former Roman Empire and Republic, the new album creates an imaginary travelogue through Western, Central and Southern Europe with reference to the historic Grand Tour.

The album was recorded on the edge of the Bavarian Alps on just one electric 6-string guitar - exploring the potential of the instrument in relation to layers, rhythm, melody and timbre.

The recording process utilised a selection of vintage amplifiers and studio equipment, intentionally enjoying the warmth of analogue tape for assisting to create immersive pastoral motorik.

After an initial ‰Û÷Land Observations‰۪ EP for Enraptured Records and a performance at Mute‰۪s Short Circuit Festival at the Roundhouse in May 2011, Brooks ‰ÛÏrealised that I wanted to take it further and make a long-playing record‰۝ which culminated in 2012‰۪s release, ‰Û÷Roman Roads IV-XI‰۪, described by Mojo as ‰ÛÏmetronomic intensity‰۝ and by Q as having an ‰ÛÏunderstated, fragile beauty.‰۝

Since its release, Brooks guested on Simon Fisher Turner‰۪s Ivor Novello award winning score (Best Soundtrack) for the BFI restoration of ‰Û÷The Epic Of Everest‰۪ (dir. Captain John Noel, 1924) and has performed the score live at the London Film Festival world premiere and Trento Film Festival in Italy.åÊ