Lee Bannon - Pattern of Excel

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Rather than a departure, 'Pattern of Excel' can only be considered a continuation of Lee Bannon's proven flexibility and commitment to innovation and progression. Few artists can say they've found success in so many circles yet claimed allegiance to none. Even fewer have either the innate ability or even the confidence to make such bold stylistic leaps, to soak up the digital torrent of the global music underground and re-imagine it with such veracity. His sophomore LP on Ninja Tune, 'Pattern of Excel', again signals a movement away from the ground he's already covered and toward his own vision of the leftfield future. Gone are the rapidfire breaks and growling b-lines of his debut, replaced instead by a considered exploration of ambient soundscapes and drone influences. Though less immediately demanding of the listener's attention, 'Pattern of Excel' shines in its quietude: the bokeh which filters through 'Artificial Stasis', the distant but steady build of 'Memory 6', the strings sadly quavering into a melody on 'Disneåµ Girls'.

LP - 180 Gram black vinyl LP in outer sleeve with 3mm spine, plus Bannon's 'LB' logo and 'Pattern Of Excel' embossed in Braille across the front.