Light Fantastic - Out Of View-LP-South

Light Fantastic - Out Of View


‰ÛÏYou can either take a dreamy glide on the waves of the PacificåÊOcean or you can let the waves engulf you... either way youråÊsenses take in something that‰۪s not unlike the sparkling musicåÊand voices of Light Fantastic.

‰ÛÏThe sophisticated yet innocent jangle of their debut longåÊplayer Out of View on the Spiritual Pajamas label is a freshåÊneighbor to the trippy head music for which San Francisco isåÊusually known. But somehow it lives quite happily in the midståÊof giant Redwoods, the thick cold waters of the foggy coast,åÊor the laid back urgency of a late night out in the Mission withåÊyour head in the clouds. From The Fillmore to The Whisky a GoåÊGo, to The Hacienda in Manchester, the ten songs on this albumåÊwork as a sort of View-Master / time machine... ‰Û÷feels like I‰۪veåÊbeen here before‰۪‰Û_ and you wanna stay for a while and smile.

‰ÛÏTerry Sowers, chief songwriter armed with his trusty RickenbackeråÊsix-string and melancholy vocal / lyric delivery, powersåÊthe Light Fantastic. Bassman Jeremy Bringetto hooks youåÊin with his super melodic but well-rounded bass lines while RachelåÊHoiem twinkles and pads the songs with her keyboards andåÊharmonies. Recording mastermind Rex Shelverton and his colorfulåÊguitar comes through like a lighthouse in heavy fog, lightingåÊthe way for the group and Terry‰۪s tunes to take you on a trip.åÊThis ain‰۪t what you call surf rock but you‰۪ll find these guys outåÊon every swell. And if you do surf, these are the tunes that areåÊin your head while you‰۪re paddling for the next wave... the nextåÊwave? Light Fantastic.‰۝å?ÛÓBrent Rademaker (Beachwood Sparks, The Tyde, GospelbeacH)
Southern California, Summer 2016