Little Barrie - Death Express-CD-South

Little Barrie - Death Express

LITTLE BARRIE release their highly anticipated 5th studio album ‰Û÷Death Express‰۪ on 7th July on Non Delux. The London based trio whose blend of hard rock, blues, soul and funk evoking classic 60‰۪s bands has won them a reputation over the past 10 years as one of the best UK live acts. Guitarist/vocalist Barrie Cadogan has become the go to guitarist for numerous acts including Morrissey, Paul Weller and Primal Scream. The other 2 members of the band are drummer Virgil Howe, the acclaimed drumming son of rock figurehead Steve Howe, who produces and DJs in the UK and abroad and bassist Lewis Wharton a member since the bands inception who is also a motorcycle enthusiast and illustrator. 2014 saw the band invited to provide the theme tune to the Breaking Bad spin off TV series Better Caul Saul which is included here. The album will be initially be available as a limited edition white vinyl LP ,compact disc and digital download.