Lone - Levitate-LP-South

Lone - Levitate


Lone AKA Matt Cutler presents his 6th album ‰Û÷Levitate‰۪ - which marks a point of departure from the inviting warmth of ‰Û÷Reality Testing‰۪s blend of hip hop and house - the listener is taken on a rapid joy ride through breakbeats that at times will leave them gasping.

Following previous album ‰Û÷Reality Testing‰۪ (and it‰۪s all conquering single ‰Û÷Airglow Fires‰۪), Cutler was left at somewhat of a musical impasse - a 6 month dry period with no new inspiration that was showing no signs of abating.

The 'epiphany' moment came in New York. Bed ridden and feverish for days Cutler started to hallucinate;

‰ÛÏIt was pretty terrifying - I'd try to go to sleep and I'd be hearing mad rave tunes form in my head. When i recovered i was left with all these ideas for fast, feverish tunes. Following that we went to LA and hung out with friends, driving round all day in the baking sun playing jungle and hardcore edits - all the best bits from rare jungle tunes spliced together. There was something that really seemed to fit hearing these energetic tracks whilst speeding around LA under perfect blue skies, that was amazingly similar to music I'd been dreaming up whilst in New York. I couldn't wait to get home and start putting this together - I had a new theme.‰۝

The result is an incredible 9 track LP, a breakneck psychedelic journey through hardcore, jungle, ambient, clocks in at a fat-free 34 minutes.