Lust For Youth - International

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Lust For Youth - International, limited white vinyl

Sacred Bones Records is proud to present International, The third full length LP from Copenhagen's Lust For Youth.
ToåÊput it bluntly, International is unrecognizable as a Lust For Youth record on first listen. Hannes Norrvide‰۪s previous solo albums underåÊthe Lust for Youth moniker have been described as ‰ÛÏdark, cold, atonal, tormented, lonely, and lower than lo-fi.‰۝ The approach onåÊInternational has shifted dramati- cally. Writing as a three-piece now, with longtime live collaborator Loke Rahbek and new bandåÊmember Malthe Fisher, who produces and plays guitar, LFY have entered a completely new territory. The result is stunning. åÊ
International is a buoyant synth masterpiece in the vein of early Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and New Order. Norrvide‰۪s work hasåÊalways had pop sensibilities buried deep in the reverb, but the hooks are front and center on International, and there is nothing lo-fi. åÊThat is not to say the record is without substance. There are still some deeply introspective moments as well, notably theåÊinstrumental passages ‰ÛÏUltras‰۝ and ‰ÛÏBasorexia,‰۝ which evoke the morning-after loneliness that a lot of earlier Lust For Youth workåÊhas explored.
According to Rahbek, ‰ÛÏthe record sort of happened by chance. Hannes and I had talked about recording some stuffåÊtogether for the fun of it, and Malthe offered to help us record. Initially, we were just going to do a song or two, but within a fewåÊweeks it was obvious that it was a combination that worked. The period was strange, terrible things happened in everyone‰۪s lifeåÊoutside of the studio, so as a result many hours were spent in the studio, like a safe zone.‰۝
‰ÛÏAs the title indicates,‰۝ Rahbek adds, ‰ÛÏthe record deals with the rootless, sometimes almost inhuman, nature of traveling and touring. åÊHotel rooms and strangers‰۪ beds, drugs and clubs, and the impossibility of living a regular life.‰۝ It may be an irregular life, but nothingåÊcould suit them better. International is Norrvide‰۪s magnum opus, and with Fisher‰۪s production and Rahbek‰۪s co-writing skills, theåÊpotential this band has always shown has been fully realized. The album features additional production by Elias Bender RÌünnenfelt ofåÊIceage as well as Adrian Toubro of Lower