Magic Trick - Half Man Half Machine

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‰ÛÏSound structure or randomness will fill the mind with a certain primal needåÊfor an evolution that inherently limits the imagination. Half Man Half Machine,åÊthe latest Magic Trick release, builds and then explores a sonic landscapeåÊthat is constantly in bloom.åʉÛÏWhether it be in the slipstream and eddying of triumphant washes ofåÊmelody, in the serpentining elegance of percussive brambles, or in the perseveranceåÊof the laconic lilt, woven upon revelations of transcendence andåÊfrailty from the mouth of Tim Cohen, one is invited into a landscape thatåÊshifts and grows based on its own ulterior nature...and one must only listenåÊto find it for themselves. Listen to the kalimba, metronome, cymbal washes,åÊshaker rattles, mercurial guitars, raga feel, glockenspiel, low-frequencyåÊrumble, subtle synthesizer, tabla loops; listen to the glowing of pride, theåÊsoft self-consciousness, the deflecting surrealism of your guide‰۪s tongue; letåÊyourself feel swept in its sonic orgy of change and realization; there is formåÊfor you to hold, there is path for you to plant, you must allow these sounds,åÊthese stories, to envelop your senses, you must let them wash through you,åÊguide you to the structure that looms elusive under the roar‰ÛÓit is trying to tellåÊyou something and you have no choice but to feel and listen to the tapestry
enveloping you, inviting you into its myriad and continually growing currentåÊand unknown direction.åʉÛÏOne must listen closely to this record, there is a chemistry of sound
and creativity, perched at its cups every edge, that brings an organic andåÊexpansive stroke of structure, cohesiveness, imagination and honest humanåÊtransformation to a time most pummeled by the strictness of the machine.

‰ÛÏLet its sonic humanity inspire‰Û_‰۝å?ÛÓTyson Vogel (Two Gallants / Devotionals)