Make-Up - I Want Some

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I Want Some is a compilation album from The Make-Up. I Want Some collects 23 of The Make-Up's singles and B-Sides. It was released as a double LP, and as a CD version that included a booklet. Track #20, "Wade in the Water," is a cover of a traditional African-American spiritual song of the same name.

Track listing: 1."Pow! To the People", 2."I Want Some", 3."Walking on the Dune", 4."The Choice", 5."Born on the Floor", 6."Hey! Orpheus", 7."Grey Motorcycle", 8."Every Baby Cries the Same", 9."I am if...", 10."Little Black Book", 11."Blue is Beautiful", 12."Trans-Pleasant Express", 13."Type-U Blood, 14."We're Having a Baby", 15."This is ... Young Vulgarians", 16."R U A Believer", 17."Free Arthur Lee", 18."Untouchable Sound", 19."I Didn't Mean 2 Turn U On", 20."Wade in the Water", 21."Substance Abuse", 22."Under the Impression", 23."Have U Heard the Tapes?"