Make-Up - Save Yourself-Vinyl LP-South

Make-Up - Save Yourself


Originally released in 1999, this record stands apart as their shimmering and ultra-psychedelic crown jewel. Make Up‰۪s R&B-laced garage-punk gospel saturates salvation and bursts into electric flashes. Lyrically and aurally the songs continue Ian Svenonius‰۪ fascination with spiritual redemption, and they ride a wave of vintage organ, electric guitar, and bouncing bass lines for that perfect 60‰۪s pop sound. Produced by Brendan Canty, who recorded many of the Make Up's exquisite singles found on I Want Some [KLP092] - the results on Save Yourself are even more clarified. Large and lean. Turn the lights down low and turn up your stereo. Call it an electric lapdance or a gospel firestorm, this music is so for real, it just feels right. Right on.

‰ÛÏMake Up approach the history of rock and soul like a lover, like a scientist and like a preacher [and] Save Yourself punches the perfect buttons with devilish efficiency. This record can make even the most jaded proud to be American.‰۝ Pitchfork

‰ÛÏMake Up remain the least square band on the planet. Their genius lies in the tease ‰Û_ Ian Svenonius is punk rock‰۪s token soul man, a rebel with an eternally obscured cause; a ludicrous, charged visionary, working it like a legend on Save Yourself, an album that deserves to transcend the [underground]: urgent, uptight, groovy. An octagon, baby: plenty of points.‰۝ NME

Save Yourself was the last album crafted by Make Up. Svenonius and bassist Michelle Mae later formed Weird War, and Svenonius currently performs and tours with Chain and The Gang