Mark Wynn - The Singles-LP-South

Mark Wynn - The Singles


After having the NME announce him as "one to watch for 2015" Mark Wynn promptly quit music. Harbinger Sound spent the summer coaxing him out from early retirementåÊ and the result is "The Singles" album. A compilation of 18 tracks culled from two years worth of limited self-released CDs. Wynn's scattershot avant-skank acoustic gobshitting blends despair, bleakness and humour. It then pulls apart any worthless comparisions to The Fall, Wreckless Eric, Patrik Fitzgerald, etc with his irreverent, awkward but smart lo-fi songs. After spending the autumn touring with Sleaford Mods , Wynn is now back in the game as one to watch for 2016.This album features such classics as "Rip Off The Fall" and "She Fancies Me That One In Age Concern". Contains a 20-page A4 booklet featuring text, flyers and artwork. An edition of 500 copies. "The same grey fucking cloud that followed me now hangs above him. He's got it!" - Jason Williamson / Sleaford Mods.