Meatbodies - Alice-LP-South

Meatbodies - Alice

With Alice, Meatbodies return ascending toward groundåÊlevel. A ‰ÛÏheavy-pop‰۝ concept, metal on molly. Chad Ubovich,åÊPatrick Nolan, and Kevin Boog step out in newåÊform, soaring through diverse stories, tones, and characters.åÊDancing between quiet and loud, funk and doom, pop andåÊnoise. Their message preached is celestial and deafening, a
sacred scripture for today‰۪s world: a warbling rhodes piano,åÊa liquifying electric guitar, a ghostly synthesizer skatingåÊacross the sands of a twelve-stringed acoustic.åÊThe band digs deep into the rich soils of Earth to revealåÊthe chaotic sensual vibrations underneath the fields weåÊwalk upon. Connecting our limbs, our mouths, our consciousnessåÊto the microcosms of the grime, all while beingåÊlit by black light. Captured wriggling and alive in San FranciscoåÊby Ubovich and Eric Bauer at The Bauer Mansion,åÊthis album is a step in the right direction, a new direction, aåÊnew way of thinking.åÊWatching the futures, watching the world burn.