Mendrugo - More Amor

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Emerging from the shadows of Josephine Foster's acclaimed Spanish Songs collaborations with The Victor Herrero Band, comes "Mendrugo", featuring Josephine and brothers Victor and Jose Luis Herrero, effortlessly bending Andalusian tradition into a wider canvass, bursting with a joyful celebration of indefinable style and song. Led by the infamous Hermanos Herrero - VÌ_ctor & Jos̩ Luis- along with their Foster sister, Josephine, and in the fine company of other notable guests (namely Japanese free wind enthusiast Taku and Asturian folclÌ_rica Lorena Alvarez) a gathering of infrequent impossibility. Mendrugo: Victor Herrero - Jose Luis Herrero - Josephine Foster and with the special participation of Taku & Lorena Alvarez. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andrija Tokic. LP comes with Download card