Mick Ronson - Just Like This-LP-South

Mick Ronson - Just Like This


Just Like this was recorded shortly after Ronson finished touring with Bob Dylan as his guitarist on the Rolling Thunder Revue • Mick Ronson was chiefly responsible for the arrangements on Lou Reed’s epic album TRANSFORMER , as well as being David Bowie’s right hand man in the Spiders from mars arranging songs from such legendary albums as Hunky Dory, The Man Whole sold the world , Aladdin Sane , Pin Ups & The Rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from mars , as well as performing on Michael Chapmans classic Fully Qualified survivor and Elton John’s ‘Don’t shoot me im only the piano player’ Ronson also worked alongside Ian Hunter on nearly all of his solo album concluding in their superb YUIORTA album where they shared double billing . Ronson also worked with Sparks, Midge Ure, Rich Kids, Slaughter & The Dogs, Wildhearts and produced Morrisseys album Your Arsenal shortly before he sadly passed away

First time on vinyl ever! • Limited pressing of 800 on red vinyl • Fully remastered 2018