Muertos - EP1-10"-South

Muertos - EP1

Fronted by the dual attack of DeAnna Avis ‰ÛÒ the girl with roots in Quer̩taro, Mexico and Marc Crane ‰ÛÒ the boy from Basildon, Essex. Muertos draw on influences from the darker end of the freakbeat and garage psych scenes, delivering pulsating rhythms, swathing guitar drones and haunting harmonies

With influences coming from The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Kills, The Raveonettes and
The Black Angels, Muertos are ready to make their mark.

Consisting of four tracks and opening with ‰Û÷Ballroom Spritzer‰۪ ‰ÛÒ a fuzz layered track that builds like a B52 taking off before looping its way into your consciousness. Proceeded by ‰Û÷Black Box‰۪, the video to which was recorded in a woodland at 2am with only torchlight for company, with its distinct Tarantino-esq western feel shining through. Think Spindrift, with a feminine touch: The melodic ‰Û÷Snakes‰۪ haunts with its atonal riff and slithering drum arrangement. The EP is rounded off with ‰Û÷Write to the Devil‰۪, an experiment in lingering garage rock guitar and vocal swoon.

The EP will be released on 10‰۝ white with red splatter detail vinyl; a nod to the fact that Muertos are bathed in horror influences with the sleeve designed by the bands very own Marc Crane.

"Muertos sound like they'd burst into flames if they set foot in a church" ‰ÛÒ The Zine