Natural Child - Hard In Heaven-Vinyl LP-South

Natural Child - Hard In Heaven


Get these two highly sought after albums from our Nashville brothers, Natural Child!!! Whiskey-soaked, doobie-smoked country rockers!!! Highly recommended!!! Standard LP w/ DL. This is rock 'n roll as God intended. Nothing is safe - consumer culture, race, sex, devil weed and life as a grown ass man. Natty Child brings it to you straight and never watered down. Here's a band that has refined and developed rhythm and blues, psychedelia and country into the major elements that make rock and roll distinctive. They've summoned the influence of acts such as The Rolling Stones, Canned Heat, Willie Nelson, JJ Cale and Waylon Jennings. Their peers have seen and heard the natural truth. Everyone from The Black Lips to The Strange Boys and Gap Dream to White Fang has covered Natural Child. åÊOn Burger Records.