Noonday Underground - Body Parts For Modern Art-CD-South

Noonday Underground - Body Parts For Modern Art

The ultimate in untarnished retro-futuristic Mod sound! Noonday Underground is the pet project of producer/composer Simon Dine. Known in recent years for his work with Paul Weller, Dexys and Jimi Goodwin he has been releasing his own playful, wildly eclectic cut and paste 1960s style compositions for over 15 years. With 'Body Parts For Modern Art' you join Dine on a mega rummage through the boxes of master tapes in his Manchester studio and come up with a plethora of mind bending sonic nuggets. Lovingly edited and mastered, the songs are divided into three camps; Part 1 features previously unreleased songs with vocals by the awesome Daisy Martey. Her voice on this album is a blend of Julie Driscoll & Grace Slick with a touch of Shirley Bassey evident when she lets rip on the searing 'Faster Than The Fastest Thing'. Part 2 has a selection of largely instrumental-based recordings. Some alternative versions of popular Noonday Underground songs (an early take of what became the popular single 'London') and lots of previously unreleased tunes presented here for the first time. Part 3 is a collection of instrumentals re-visiting the sounds Dine used on the legendary debut "Blue" album by Adventures in Stereo - a big favourite of the late, great John Peel. Initially collected in East Germany these elements have been mixed up, embellished and shaped into new compositions. They will be like funky reminders of long-forgotten friends.