Not Waving - Voices-Vinyl LP-South

Not Waving - Voices

Alessio Natalizia draws a stylistic line underneath a strong run of releases over the last couple of years with this extended vinyl set re-working all three volumes of his limited 'Voices' cassette series. Compiled, they mark a point of transition between old Not Waving and the new Not Waving (soon to be revealed in a crushing LP of dancefloor gear for Diagonal), presenting 18 reshaped mixes of the tapes' original 23 tracks, all shuffled up like a deck of tarot cards to present a whole new syzygy and narrative. Gleaning inspiration from Ivan Pavlov, Oliver Sacks, B.F. Skinner and "the relationship between perception, memory, attention and comprehension", they render a quietly burning mind full of ideas and synaesthetic sensation, from the lush drone harmonics of 'A Part of Thought' to pulsing EBM lab golems like 'The Behaviourist Approach', with a really special touch for beautifully wistful, Eldritch/Italian analog electronics in the likes of 'No Kill' or the lump-in-throat closer, 'Voices'. Perhaps the best comparison we could make is with Pye Corner Audio's 'Black Mill' volumes, but Not Waving's varied yet coherent aesthetic feels more like you're listening to a lost compilation of library music or early industrial music than the work of only one, super-talented guy.