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‰Û÷Content Nausea‰۪, Parquet Courts / Parkay Quarts‰۪ second release of 2014, is the inevitable repercussion to ‰Û÷Sunbathing Animal‰۪‰۪s pure emotion. With one member completing a degree in mathematics and another starting a family, ‰Û÷Content Nausea‰۪ features mostly the work of Andrew Savage and Austin Brown, with the help of a few friends (Jackie-O Motherf*cker‰۪s Jef Brown on saxaphone and Eaters‰۪ Bob Jones on fiddle).

Featuring some of the band‰۪s most accessible and dissonant recordings, ‰Û÷Content Nausea‰۪ was recorded, mixed and mastered in two weeks on a 4-track tape machine. The band wanted something that listeners could ‰ÛÏlive with over the Winter.‰۝

At 35 minutes, the record lies somewhere between an EP and an LP but who‰۪s counting? On ‰Û÷Content Nausea‰۪ we find the band confidently exploring sounds that were previously only hinted at; Townes Van Zandt, Warren Zevon and Bob Dylan are evident points of departure on ‰Û÷Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth‰۪, a lonesome tale about ‰ÛÏtwo men tragically colliding in the deep South,‰۝ explains Savage. The 13th Floor Elevators get a hat tip via the reinterpretation of ‰Û÷Slide Machine‰۪ and there‰۪s even an unexpected, gender-bending cover of Nancy Sinatra‰۪s ‰Û÷These Boots Are Made For Walking‰۪. ‰ÛÏA personal karaoke standard,‰۝ explains Savage.

Mostly, ‰Û÷Content Nausea‰۪ reflects the rapid change in the band‰۪s hometown of New York, while at the same time emphasizing the changes in the band itself. The record‰۪s sleeve is a bleak vision of Freedom-Tower-era NYC flooded by (what else?) content. A city that is becoming increasingly unrecognizable to its romantic history. Not unlike Parquet Courts.