Parquet Courts - Content Nausea-Vinyl LP-South

Parquet Courts - Content Nausea

‘Content Nausea’, Parquet Courts / Parkay Quarts’ second release of 2014, is the inevitable repercussion to ‘Sunbathing Animal’’s pure emotion. With one member completing a degree in mathematics and another starting a family, ‘Content Nausea’ features mostly the work of Andrew Savage and Austin Brown, with the help of a few friends (Jackie-O Motherf*cker’s Jef Brown on saxaphone and Eaters’ Bob Jones on fiddle).

Featuring some of the band’s most accessible and dissonant recordings, ‘Content Nausea’ was recorded, mixed and mastered in two weeks on a 4-track tape machine. The band wanted something that listeners could “live with over the Winter.”

At 35 minutes, the record lies somewhere between an EP and an LP but who’s counting? On ‘Content Nausea’ we find the band confidently exploring sounds that were previously only hinted at; Townes Van Zandt, Warren Zevon and Bob Dylan are evident points of departure on ‘Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth’, a lonesome tale about “two men tragically colliding in the deep South,” explains Savage. The 13th Floor Elevators get a hat tip via the reinterpretation of ‘Slide Machine’ and there’s even an unexpected, gender-bending cover of Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’. “A personal karaoke standard,” explains Savage.

Mostly, ‘Content Nausea’ reflects the rapid change in the band’s hometown of New York, while at the same time emphasizing the changes in the band itself. The record’s sleeve is a bleak vision of Freedom-Tower-era NYC flooded by (what else?) content. A city that is becoming increasingly unrecognizable to its romantic history. Not unlike Parquet Courts.