Peace - Happy People-CD-South

Peace - Happy People

Whether it's down to attention deficit or due to a restless appetite for music, sound and songwriting, there is a glorious sense of adventure to the midland four-piece's second record 'Happy People' - the successor to 2013's hugely admired 'In Love'. Their approach has been magpieish: a glint of 'Another One Bites the Dust', a bright pinch of 'Sympathy for the Devil', Ziggy Stardust, Hall and Oates and the lyrical genius of the Police. The brilliance of these songs is in their effervescence - in how for all the craft and consideration and studio experimentation, how irresistible and irrepressible and effortless they sound. These are songs of youth and joy, these are choruses to be sung loud and en masse, this is the sound of a band on fire.
CD - Standard Jewel Case - 10 tracks.
LP - Standard on Yellow Vinyl - 10 Tracks.