Peach Kelli Pop - Peach Kelli Pop 2

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Peach Kelli Pop‰۪s 2nd self-titled album of insanely catchy bubblegum pop hits sold out super quick!!! Order now and don‰۪t let it slip away again!!! Standard LP w/ DL. Peach Kelli Pop: the solo project of Allie Hanlon. Hanlon, who also plays drums in Ottawa punk band White Wires, has nestled herself here in a cozy niche of lo-fi and 50s-inspired girl group pop and rock that's as hilariously simple as it is fearsomely addictive. Peach Kelli Pop is the kind of sugary bubblegum pop that just might give your ears cavities, if ears could actually get cavities. If she looks familiar, that‰۪s because Hanlon is also the drummer in the White Wires, but PKP is not a side project by any means. Hanlon is a one woman band that writes and plays every instrument herself on Peach Kelli Pop‰۪s two LP‰۪s, the latest being Peach Kelli Pop II, released late last year on Burger. Currently, Hanlon is busy taking Peach Kelli Pop‰۪s lo-fi basement Shonen Knife, girl-group, garage surf sugar pop. åÊOn Burger Records