Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - Bedazzled

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Yes, this is the remarkable soundtrack to most excellent swinging 60s Faust story starring Pete, Dud and Raquel. The music here is simply beautiful and varied, humorous and very groovy indeed. Trunk have the sublime 5 minute cocktail extravaganza that is the Millionaire cue, the slightly architectural jazz of GPO Tower, the killer psychedelic vocal Bedazzled number sung by Pete, Love Me screamed by the sex thimble and a chorus by the Leaping Nuns. This really is one of the key scores of the 1960s and also a very pleasant gateway for some into the world of jazz. This is the first and only official digital release and comes with Two Extra mixes of the songs that were on the original master. The Vinyl comes with a CD of 'Pete And Dud Invite you To Hell'.