Pissed Jeans - Shallow

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Sub Pop are re-issuing Pissed Jeans‰۪ 2005 full length punk classic along with their ‰Û÷Throbbing Organ‰۪ single.

The CD will include a download code for the bonus tracks ‰Û÷Throbbing Organ‰۪ and ‰Û÷Night Minutes‰۪.
The LP format includes the ‰Û÷Throbbing Organ‰۪ single as a bonus 7‰۝.
The digital download format bundles both the album and the single.
‰Û÷Shallow‰۪, Pissed Jeans‰۪ beautiful mess of a debut record, came out in 2005 on the Parts Unknown record label. It was the reason why Sub Pop initially fell in love with the Pennsylvania foursome.
‰Û÷Shallow‰۪ has long been out of print on vinyl format and has been considered an eBay treasure for years.