Presents For Sally/ 93MillionMilesFromTheSun ‰ÛÒ An Arms Reach Away/ Darkness Inside-LP-South

Presents For Sally/ 93MillionMilesFromTheSun ‰ÛÒ An Arms Reach Away/ Darkness Inside


8 track split album on a limited run of pink and yellow ‰ÛÏsuck it and see‰۝ vinyl. Full colour 3mm spine outer-sleeve and full colour 2 sided inner-sleeve.

A match made in heaven ... UK's tonal magicians 93MillionMilesFromTheSun and Presents For Sally have been friends for a long time, and UK's Wrong Way Records finally brought them together on a limited edition 8 track pink and yellow split vinyl.

Doncaster's 93MillionMilesFromTheSun have four studio albums, a compilation and a good amount of EP‰۪s under their belt, and the whole lot of them managed to seduce our ears in an irresistible way. The four songs by Nick Noble continue the path in a remarkable way and offer the listeners a wonderfully sparkling, highly catchy shoegaze/noise pop wall-of-sound, filled with swirling guitars, fuzzy reverberation, psychedelic injections, acoustic colours and crunchy splinters, accompanied by Nick's emotional vocals and coated with an embracing melancholic twist. From the epic, dynamically circling opener "I'm Waiting" to the closing gem "Edge Of Nowhere" with its romantically swirling, yearning sunrise atmosphere - the band passionately mixed an addictive and magic cocktail.

Presents For Sally first emerged on the radar in 2008 when the band‰۪s song "Flowers Falling Sideways" appeared on the line-up for a shoegaze compilation entitled "The Secret Garden". Since then, the band served us two splendid full-length trips as well as several captivating singles and EP's. The four songs on this split album confirm once more that Presents For Sally are one of the most talented crews to surface on the shoegaze/indie rock radar: the band's way to create tonal diamonds that run the gamut from pop sensibility to reverberant atmospheres and crashing wall-of-sound spirals that beg to be played at high volumes is highly remarkable. Matt Etherton, Anna Etherton and Phil Russel continue their drop of magnetically alluring, irresistibly melodic treats. From the groovy'n'spicy mid-tempo opener "An Arms Reach Away" (sung by Matt) to smooth'n'relaxing pearls with a dreamy vibe like "1000 Magic Lands" (sung by Anna), the band created a tempting and delightful sound journey from start to finish.