Proto-Idiot - Leisure Opportunity-CD-South

Proto-Idiot - Leisure Opportunity


Welcome to the rock‰۪n‰۪roll manifestation of Eddie Murphy‰۪s 1987 ‰ÛÏRaw‰۝ concert. If you haven‰۪t seen it or listened to it lately, it‰۪s a remarkable, rapid-fire onslaught of hilarity that rages with new ideas and jokes that you hadn‰۪t heard before at every turn, and Eddie never misses a beat. Enter ‰ÛÏLeisure Opportunity‰۝ by PROTO IDIOT - n̩ Andrew Anderson, also of Manchester‰۪s THE HIPSHAKES, and his pals Callum Darley (drums) and Michael Seal (bass). ‰ÛÏIf you like that, then you‰۪ll love this‰۝ is the maniacal chant on ‰ÛÏI‰۪m An Artist.‰۝ Hear it enough and you‰۪ll believe it! The Eddie Murphy parallels shouldn‰۪t be too much of a stretch, but if it seems a bit obtuse, think Ray Davies with Attention Deficit Disorder. Better? Either way, ‰ÛÏLeisure Opportunity‰۝ is no comedy album, per se, but it‰۪s riddled with humor on both the musical and lyrical fronts. Try not to guffaw at a line that tells you what you‰۪re listening to: ‰ÛÏDRUMS! BASS! VOCALS! GUITAR!‰۝ on ‰ÛÏYes Yes Yes Yes,‰۝ but the unintentional appropriation of Gloria Estefan‰۪s ‰ÛÏTurn The Beat Around‰۝ chord progression on ‰ÛÏAngry Vision‰۝ deserves a ‰ÛÏHEE-HAW!‰۝ at the very least, to say nothing of Anderson‰۪s first person narrative on the ‰ÛÏTheme‰۝ when he declares ‰ÛÏI can‰۪t even play guitar.‰۝ Spoiler: he can indeed play guitar, and the orchestra is also proficient on DRUMS! BASS! VOCALS! (debatable) respectively, with composition / production duties that can cream virtually anyone making kid‰۪s music today.