Puce Mary - Persona

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In years with an overflow of genre specific exercises, one can‰۪t help questioning what industrial music really means. Where is the experiment hiding, when every cover and every record look and sound more and more the same, using the same images, referring to the same literature, the same movies, arguing the same ‰۝counter‰۝ cultural ideas, while really enforcing the same tactics of consumerism as the mainstream, in a stylized miniature.

Once in a while an artist comes along who manages to both cherish the tradition of industrial music and at the same time walk their own path, choosing their own route to truth: Experiment. With her first solo full length, released last year, Puce Mary managed to do exactly that - and now with the follow-up "Persona", she proves herself to be one of the most interesting projects around today.

"Persona" manages to balance the hyper personal universe of the artist with enough care for presentation to make it valuable for everyone to listen to, and take part in her experience. And she does that through six tracks, that each take their own place while corresponding beautifully with its neighbors. From primitive rhythmic patterns to elaborate drone pieces and pain stricken vocals. Insisting on finding new routes for the work and with a rare honesty, "Persona" holds its listener captive from start to finish.

Listen: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/16972-puce-mary-courses/åÊ åÊ