Purson - Desire's Magic Theatre-CD-South

Purson - Desire's Magic Theatre

This 10-track album, the UK acts latest release, represents a technicolour trip through the mind's eye of songstress / vocalist / guitarist Rosalie Cunningham, whose signature approach to her craft stands boldly centre-stage, blending progressive complexity and cabaret romp into a compelling, multi-faceted rock n roll show. Cunningham's vision is a golden ticket through the canyons of imagination, a peephole through the doors of perception, a celebration of surrender ...and you're invited. 'Desire's Magic Theatre' draws inspiration from the rock operas of the late '60s and early '70s; musically, visually and lyrically, it touches on a variety of realms, including folk, prog, psychedelic, gothic, and classic rock, making telling use of classical instruments and complex arrangements, and fully exploring the outer limits of reel to reel tape.