Ratatat - Magnifique-CD-South

Ratatat - Magnifique

Ratatat the duo of Evan Mast and Mike Stroud release their fifth studio album 'Magnifique' via Because. Following up on the experimental sounds of LP3 and LP4, Ratatat return to their core guitar-driven sound on 'Magnifique' which was recorded over the course of four years in various studios in different locations including Jamaica (the country), upstate New York, Long Island, NY and their home studio in Brooklyn. The art for 'Magnifique' includes a series of sketches drawn by Mast and Stroud during the recording sessions. What else can you expect on Magnifique: pedal steel guitar, the sound of a tiny 1940's guitar amp found in a thrift store in Guadalajara used on 'Intro,' a song named upon the discovery that the guys both had posters of a 'Countach' on their walls in junior high (the duo met in college), and a cover, their first ever, called 'I Will Return' by Springwater (aka Phil Cordell).
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