Recreations - Baby Boomers 2

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Recreations (Sam Duckworth, formerly Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.) follows the Digital Ghettos EP from February with his first full-length 'Recreations' album, 'Baby Boomers 2'. The album is the culmination and expansion of Duckworth's Recreations. 'Baby Boomers 2' filters all of his musical styles into an immersive, sometimes unsettling, but often embracing sound belonging to clubs and stages, churches and living rooms. Chaining instruments together with technology: drum machines and electronic percussion meet warm acoustic guitars, keys and EDM-billowing ambience buzzing and engulfing at points. 'Neoprene' builds the backdrop to an imaginary never-ending night out with swatches of sound and reliable patches of atmosphere. Anchoring everything is Sam's voice, gently delivering a stirred cauldron of social and irreverent lyricism - the emphasis on melodic interplay than messages. 'Pipe Down' is pumped up by a huge muscular rhythm section but still driven by that infectious steel drum-like sound. 'Lifestyle Concept Store' is more at a loss for what's gone, but still recognises the value of what's been and what's on the fringes now; a soothing end to a bold and billowing album. Recreations may be a new moniker for Sam, but his work ethic and refusal to stick to a template in either influence or sound is not just familiar but oh-so welcome. Falling half way between Get Cape... and his more experimental moments, Recreations is the product of two years of investigation. Fans of GC.WC.F. will recognise his distinct lyrical nouse, but in his own words Recreations is "more heart on sleeve, bolder, more direct, and a little bit more emo."