RM Hubbert - Ampersand Extras

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A captivating cache of additional material accompanying the release of his Ampersand Trilogy of ‰Û÷First & Last‰۪, ‰۪Thirteen Lost & Found‰۪ and ‰Û÷Breaks & Bone‰۪.

Afforded the perspective it richly deserves, ‰Û÷Ampersand Extras‰۪ is no threadless miscellany. Though unplotted compared to the albums around which the songs orbit. ‰Û÷Ampersand Extras‰۪ follows a logic which runs parallel to that of its precedents.

Common to all Hubbert‰۪s recordings from the current decade are the sounds of wood, calluses on nylon strings, fret buzz, breathing.

But listen hard and you hear rain on windows. A shaft of sun across a rooftop. Lovers laughing. Apologies, some too late to matter. Gulls in the harbour. A dream evaporating. The mending of fences.