Saint Pe - Fixed Focus-LP-South

Saint Pe - Fixed Focus


In 2014, after 10 years of touring the world in Black Lips and Diamond Rugs, guitarist and vocalist St. P̩ needed a change. He packed up his gear and moved to Nashville, where he settled down in a log cabin formerly owned by country legend Roy Acuff. Before long, that home turned into a studio, and with the help of a number of friends ‰Û÷Fixed Focus‰۪ was born. It‰۪s less a departure from the sounds of the Lips and Rugs as it is an informed continuation of them that maintains all the hooks and pop sensibilities of his previous acts, while refining them with a bit of Nashville class and a hint of the darkness that ten years on the road imbues upon the soul. From sing-along stompers to Southern Gothic explorations, ‰Û÷Fixed Focus‰۪ is a fully formed solo debut that sounds more like an album from deep into an established career.