Seasick Steve - Sonic Soul Surfer

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Produced and written by Seasick Steve and recorded in his front room at the little farm where he lives, 'Sonic Soul Surfer' is his seventh studio record and most ambitious work yet. Along with long-time drummer Dan Magnusson, the album also features Luther Dickinson (Mississippi All Stars) playing slide guitar on two tracks, Georgina Leach on fiddle and Ben Miller playing jaw harp on lead track 'Summertime Boy', a song celebrating the life and sunshine of California. 'The whole record is mostly me and Dan sitting there drinking and playing,' says Steve. 'There ain't a whole lot of producing going on! But I know what I'm doing and I know what I want.' Since appearing on Jools Holland's Hootenanny New Year's Eve 2006, Seasick Steve's career both on record and onstage has gone from strength to strength. It's been quite a ride, and in the process he has established himself as one of the best live acts in music today. Fans of all ages can testify to this, having witnessed incredible live performances at festivals and venues round the world.
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