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With Seth Bogart's first proper solo debut, after years of playing and touring in Hunx and His Punx and Gravy Train, Burger is thrilled to be releasing this record and this is their number one priority release for the first quarter of 2016. Major guest appearances on the record to bring in an entirely new fanbase, including Kathleen Hanna, Tavi Gevinson, Clementine Creevy (Cherry Glazerr) and Chela & more. Furthermore, with the highly fantastical visual artwork created by Seth Bogart. It was co-written and produced by Seth‰۪s old friend Cole MGN (Ariel Pink, Julia Holter, etc) over the last couple years in Los Angeles. After years of touring with Hunx and His Punx and Gravy Train, Seth was bored out of his mind, abandoned the idea of a ‰ÛÏband‰۝ , ditched his ‰ÛÏHunx‰۝ nickname and basically stopped touring altogether. He moved to LA and shifted his energy to making art. In the years since his last album w/ Hunx and His Punx in 2013, he has contributed artwork to Saint Laurent, opened a store named after his clothing line Wacky Wacko and created installations at galleries including MoCA Geffen Contemporary.åÊåÊ During this time he kept on writing songs and making demos with a laptop, a guitar, a microphone and a shitty keyboard he bought for $50. Many of these songs evolved with the help of Cole and ended up on this album. Working on this project he was very inspired by music he grew up loving- Radio Disney, Broadcast, 80s French Pop like Lio and Plastic Bertrand, Le Tigre, Nina Hagen and Kraftwerk. Realizing that visual art was just as important to him as music, he quickly realized he needed present his music in a new way . This fall he created an installation called ‰ÛÏThe Seth Bogart Show‰۝ that combined music, painting, sculpture, video, and ceramics at 356 S. Mission Road (Ooga Booga 2 ) in Los Angeles. . He is now hard at work planning the traveling live show version of this show so he can soon share it with the world.