Shamir - Ratchet-CD-South

Shamir - Ratchet

The chiffon-voiced 20-year-old Las Vegas singer Shamir Bailey appeared out of nowhere last year, dropping his Northtown EP on the Brooklyn DIY label GodMode and then breaking the fuck out with his giddy, irrepressible underground hit 'On The Regular.' He's since moved on to the much bigger label XL Recordings, and releases the awesomely titled debut album 'Ratchet'. While he was making the album, Shamir moved into the Brooklyn underground venue Silent Barn. GodMode founder Nick Sylvester produced the album which is based on addictive rhythms and bold pop magic. It's full of house, disco, pop, gospel - and that voice. Think a stunning mix of Sylvester, The Slits, Gorillaz, Prince and Nina Simone.