Shit Robot - What Follows-LP-South

Shit Robot - What Follows


Marcus Lambkin aka Shit Robot returns with his third full length album for DFA Records, entitled 'What Follows'. The 11-track album was conceived and recorded at Marcus' home studio in a small town outside Stuttgart; worked on in various New York studios and then mixed over the course of 11 intense and coffee-fuelled days in DFA label mate Juan Maclean's New Hampshire studio. The album follows Lambkin's previous long-players, 'From The Cradle To The Rave' (2010) and 'We Got A Love' (2014), which drew plaudits from the likes of The Guardian and Pitchfork, and featured Reggie Watts and James Murphy among the array of contributors. The Dublin-born producer has enlisted the help of a stellar cast of guests for 'What Follows', with previous collaborators Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) and DFA stablemates Museum of Love and Nancy Whang returning, alongside new faces Jay Green and leftfield fellow Dubliner New Jackson. 'What Follows' marks a departure in Lambkin's process - a simple, but fundamental one: getting away from the computer. He said: "This record is a lot more analog than 'We Got A Love', almost all of it comes from connecting machines together and playing around." What was your biggest influence? "Drum machines." What began in Stuttgart was followed up on in New York, before being finished in an 11-day blitz in New Hampshire with Juan Maclean. 'What Follows' is definitely an album dedicated to dance music, but one that retains hallmarks of his previous LPs: good songs. Alexis Taylor turns in two memorable performances on lead single 'End Of The Trail' and album opener 'In Love'; Museum of Love - Pat Mahoney and Dennis McNany - lend the album title track an air of something mined from the two months in between the death of Joy Division and the birth of New Order; and Nancy Whang gave such a strong vocal for 'Lose Control' that Lambkin and Maclean threw out the existing track and recorded the backing along with the vocal in one take, which the two producers working the machines live. Newbies Jay Green and New Jackson hit their marks too - Green - best known for fronting American punk bands Orchid and Panthers - narrates 'Is There No End' as though it were sibling to From The Cradle To The Rave's single 'Simple Things'. New Jackson makes two appearances, on both 'Phase Out' and 'OB-8 (Winter Version)', adding oddball vocals and spaced-out Krautrock guitar arrangements.

2LP - Double LP (One Green / One Orange) with Download.