Six By Seven - The Closer You Get/ Peel Sessions-LP-South

Six By Seven - The Closer You Get/ Peel Sessions

Pre order and get a Six by Seven Tote Bag. Double Vinyl with Download. Despite heaping praise on Six by Seven‰۪s breakthrough second album The Closer You Get, the press seemed confused as to how to categorise them. The band straddled a fine line between post-Brit Pop, British rock and a much edgier kind of punk. Inspired by the Pistols and the Stranglers as well as US bands such as Sonic Youth and Mercury Rev, Six By Seven consciously wanted to write pop songs that would get played on the radio. Mixing misanthropic lyrics with Olley‰۪s distinctive vocal style, the music was underpinned by malevolent, slow-burning guitars, creating a menacing, dense wall of sound. Beggars Arkive have decided to reintroduce the band‰۪s classic sophomore album The Closer You Get to a modern audience, as part of a carefully curated reissue package. The reissue is presented in all its former glory, without being remastered or tampered with, and will sound the same as it did when it originally came out. In homage to Beggars Arkive‰۪ re-release of Olley‰۪s heroes and labelmates, Mercury Rev‰۪s Yerself Is Steam, the additional LP will be polybagged together with the album. It features Six By Seven‰۪s third Peel session on one side and various b-sides and other Peel sessions on the other.