Six Organs Of Admittance - Hexadic II-LP-South

Six Organs Of Admittance - Hexadic II

In his latest release and follow up to 'Hexadic', Ben Chasny applies his Hexadic system using a deck of cards to acoustic guitar. His label Drag City made the observation that what may identify to some ears as folk music is caught in an equally compelling undertow of powerful subterranean energy. 'Hexadic II' is more than just a re-applying of the technique used before, 'Hexadic II' simultaneously explores the same charts and paths that gave birth to its predecessor, while creating music of a totally different order. The 'Hexadic II' songs have direct correlates to the 'Hexadic' songs, yet are much more than mere acoustic versions. Think of them as distant cousins to the songs on 'Hexadic', obsessed with Greek choir, the desert, and the sea.