Sonic Youth - Murray Street

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180 Gram Vinyl with Download. 'Murray Street' is the twelfth studio album by Sonic Youth. It was originally released on June 25, 2002 by Geffen. On this album the twist is that the mood is almost a mellow one. There's plenty of extreme sonic attack of course, 'Karen Revisited' features an extraordinary moment which sounds like a jet engine colliding with half a dozen fax machines. But the opening track 'The Empty Page' sets the tone: reflective, melodic, mature. Throughout, the feedback and noise seem integrated, and oddly beautiful. And for once, both the singing and the lyrics seem exactly right. There's variety enough: as well as long workouts like 'Rain On Tin', there's the short sharp punk rock from another galaxy of 'Plastic Sun'. Newest member Jim O'Rourke, on bass guitar,seems to have given them a new lease of life: his clean production is another plus.