Spoon - They Want My Soul-CD-South

Spoon - They Want My Soul


Spoon return with their long awaited eighth offering, 'They Want My Soul' via Anti-Records in Europe.

Distortion features prominently on the record. Not balls-out rock riffing, but the kind of warm fuzziness you get from pushing levels into the red - a sound encouraged by producer Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Low, MGMT).

Side One begins with the gnarliest Jim Eno drum sound ever recorded and Side Two ends with Rob Pope's bass amp completely breaking down to fuzz and hiss at the end of a take. The record's got beats, whispers, chants, guitars, whistles, secret codes, and horror-movie strings. It's got songs about holy rollers, back masking, real life properties of physics, love during the apocalypse and a brief reappearance of Jonathon Fisk.