Stereo Total - Y̩y̩ Existentialiste-CD-South

Stereo Total - Y̩y̩ Existentialiste


Y̩y̩ Existentialiste is an essential compilation of the recording highlights of one of the world‰۪s greatest exponents of lo-fi pop - Stereo Total. This album is the first ‰Û÷best of‰۪ to fully cover the bands 20 years of releases with all the tracks being fully re-mastered. Stereo Total is the Berlin based French-German duo Fran̤oise Cactus and Brezel G̦ring, whose playful eclectic music incorporates anything from New Wave, Pop Electronique, 60‰۪s French pop mashed up with trashy Garage Punk Rock and Disco to form the band‰۪s distinctive sound: Stereo Total have released numerous studio albums, singles and film soundtracks on a variety of indie record labels over the years around the world, whilst extensively touring in Europe and North America with their concerts reaching South America, Japan, Australia, Russia and China. A truly over-ground underground global lo-fi pop phenomenon! Features 28 recordings that span their twenty year career : including tracks from their first album ‰Û÷Oh Ah‰۪ (1995) to their last studio album ‰Û÷Cactus vs Brezel‰۪ (2012). It also includes several new mixes including a radically reworked ‰ÛÒ 'Everybody In The Discotheque (I Hate) - (Blow Up mix)'. Both CD and Vinyl contain new liner notes from Stereo Total about the tracks and lyrics to the recordings contained within.. All the recordings have been re-mastered. Live in LONDON : 11th June, Tamesis Dock, Albert Embankment