Sylvie Vartan - Salut les Copains! Beginnings of...YE-YE!

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Available on Record Store Day, 22nd April

Double vinyl in gatefold sleeve. 29 tracks. Sylvie Vartan's most wonderful songs beautifully remastered by Mr. Nick Robbins at Sound Mastering... Super cute, lovely, yet Rock n Roll artwork by Mr. Allan NoMan, and detailed liner notes by M.Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe, author of the acclaimed, beautiful, and definitive book "Ye-Ye Girls of '60s French Pop"

Imagine..if you will...a world in which your dearest chic girl pop singer guests a couple of humour records, goes on to have hit after hit, is all over TV and media, with the coolest radio shows and magazines for youngsters being almost fanzines for her. Then she gets her own TV shows and um, marries Elvis, and does a multi-night stand at the Paris Olympia where The Beatles are supporting HER! That world existed, it was early 1960s France, a marvellous, self contained world of music, film and art, where Vince Taylor was not a weird guy in leather pants who never really clicked with the kids, but the major star he was in his own head! And..Well, obviously, it wasn't really Elvis, but the French-World analogue Johnny Hallyday (handsome, good hair, and a great dancer!), France it WAS!... But the hits? The TV shows? And the magazines and radio? Yes! Those really happened....and The Beatles did support her (and it was a big and lucky night in their career!)...Now, don't you wish we were there, in that world? A bizarro technicolor mix of....I don't know, Viva Las Vegas/HELP!/Les Demoiselles de Rochefort? I certainly do...or maybe pop this record on and let's pretend? Oh, I think so, yes...


01 Un P'tit Je Ne Sais Quoi

02 L'amour C'est Aimer La Vie

03 Moi Je Pense Encore A Toi

04 Baby C'est Vous

05 Dansons

06 Le Loco-motion

07 Les Vacances Se Suivent

08 Gong Gong

09 M’amuser

10 Comme L'été Dernier

11 Est-ce Que Tu Le Sais (EP Version)

12 Nous Deux Ça Colle

13 Madison Twist

14 Aussi Loin Que J'irai

15 Je Suis Libre

16 Tout Au Long Du Calendrier

17 Le Petit Lascar

16 Qui Aurait Dit Ça

17 Fais Ce Que Tu Veux

20 Ne Le Déçois Pas