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Tariverdiev - Film Music


) In 2011, Stephen Coates of the band The Real Tuesday Weld found himself sheltering from the cold in a cafe in Moscow with a friend. Fascinated by the music that was playing, he asked the waitress and was told ‰Û÷it was something from the old times'. It turned out to be the soundtrack for the Sixties cult Soviet film 'Goodbye Boys' composed by Mikael Tariverdiev. Compiled by his wife Vera Tariverdieva together with Stephen (in association with his publishing company Antique Beat), ‰Û÷Film Music‰۪ includes a selection of the composer‰۪s greatest tracks, including many previously unreleased versions. All were made with new transfers from original tapes and his own reel-to-reel machine. They are thematically programmed around Vera‰۪s intimate knowledge of her husband‰۪s music. It is with her blessing and dedication to see his legacy live on that we are able to bring his music to new audiences. ‰Û÷Film Music‰۪ unveils the extraordinary life of an unusual composer who was acutely aware of the political environment although it was not central to his work. The 3LP boxset is beautifully packaged within hard outer slipcase and comes with a 24 page booklet bursting with unseen documents and materials from the Tariverdiev home. The rare photographs come from Mikael‰۪s personal collection including stills from the film sets he was working on, his and Vera‰۪s apartment and images of his studio images. 51 track, 3LP set, complete with 24 page full colour 12‰۝ linen-finish book, housed in a hard box slipcase. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Comes with high quality download.

Disc 1 ‰Û÷Goodbye Boys‰۪ 1 Boys and the Sea - part one 2 Boys and the Sea - part two 3 Dance at the Stadium (From 'The Man Follows the Sun' 1961 4 Waltz (From The Long day' 1960) 5 My Younger Brother 6 The Last Romantic 7 Evening Caf̩ 8 Summer Blues 9 All this Jazz 10 A la Invenzia 11 Don't Be Sad ‰ÛÒ Instrumental 12 Waltz (From The last Thief) 13 Unfinished Recording 14 Russian Ragtime 15 Dolphins 16 You have such Eyes 17 Goodbye Boys // Disc 2 ‰Û÷Snow Over Leningrad‰۪ 1 On Tsvetochnaya Street 2 A Moment 3 Prelude for Ket 4 Roads 5 Couple in a Caf̩ 6 Expectation of the New Year 7 Snow Over Leningrad 8 No One‰۪s Home 9 Along My Street for Many Years 10 What is Happening to Me? 11 I Like 12 Aria for a Moscow Guest 13 I Asked the Ash Tree 14 I Asked the Mirror 15 The Third Stroitelnaya Street 16 Melody 17 The Last Waltz // Disc 3 ‰Û÷I Am A Tree‰۪ 1 I Love 2 Morning Clouds 3 Moscow Morning 4 Moscow Morning ‰ÛÒ variation 5 Morning in the Mountains 6 Prelude for Cello and Piano 7 Nocturne 8 I am writing to You by Accident 9 On the Scout 10 Over the Fields the Twilight is Indistinct 11 Your Voice 12 Accordion Waltz 13 It Happens 14 Until Tomorrow 15 Don't Be Sad ‰ÛÒ Vocal Variation 16 I am a Tree 17 Goodbye Boys ‰ÛÒ variation