Tav Falco & Panther Burns - Hip Flask: An Introduction To Tav Falco & Panther Burns

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Frenzi Records presentsåÊHip Flask, a comprehensive Best Of collection by maverick American artist Tav Falco and hisåʉÛÏwreckabilly‰۝ combo Panther Burns, including 2 songs from their brand new studio albumåÊCommand PerformanceåÊasåÊwell as 17 classic back catalogue tracks.åÊ

Raised in rural Arkansas, Tav Falco formed the first incarnation of Panther Burns in Memphis in 1979, offering an artfulåÊmix of punk, garage, rockabilly and ‰ÛÏart damage‰۝ influences, and sharing stages with the likes of The Cramps and TheåÊGun Club. Legendary friend and mentor Alex Chilton (ex-Box Tops and Big Star) orchestrated their acclaimed debutåÊlong playeråÊBehind the Magnolia CurtainåÊfor Rough Trade Records, before going on to produce the next three PantheråÊBurns albums, using vintage Memphis studios such as Ardent, Sam Phillips Recording and Easley McCain. åÊ

Tav Falco & Panther Burns have been cited as an influence by everyone from Jon Spencer Blues Explosion to TheåÊFall, Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized. ‰ÛÏRenegade Tav Falco explores a highly personal vision of rock n‰۪ roll,‰۝åÊenthusedåÊ

Edwin Pouncey inåÊThe WireåÊin November 2014. ‰ÛÏPossessed by a wide range of influences that range from country andåÊblues, novelty numbers and punk rock, to La Monte Young styled drone. But Falco has earned the right to standåÊshoulder to shoulder with the musicians and artists he so fervently admires.‰۝åÊ

Robert Palmer of theåÊNew York TimesåÊdeclared of Falco: ‰ÛÏHe is a singer, guitarist and researcher of musical arcaneåÊwho hasn‰۪t let his idiomatic mastery and increasing technical expertise compromise the clarity of his vision.‰۝ åÊ

‰ÛÏTav Falco has spent much of the past two decades crafting a revisionist pop culture history,‰۝åÊsaid David Sprague inåÊentertainment bibleåÊVariety. ‰ÛÏHe was post-modern when post-modern wasn't cool.‰۝åÊ

A permanent move to Europe in the late 1980s saw Tav based first in Paris, and subsequently Vienna, and anåÊexpansion of Panther‰۪s Burns raw garage sound to embrace Stax, lounge and even Argentinean tango influencesåÊ(Falco is an accomplished dancer, as well as a photographer and filmmaker). His new setåÊCommand PerformanceåÊwasåÊrealized in Rome in 2014, and tops an extraordinarily rich back catalogue covering four decades and a dozen studioåÊalbums.åÊ

All 12 are represented on this new cherry-picked collection. ‰ÛÏHip Flask is a genre-hopping portmanteau of tunes andåÊanthems that have propelled, compelled, and haunted the minds, bodies, and feet of generations of celebrants,‰۝åÊexplains Tav. ‰ÛÏThere‰۪s an undercurrent which runs through each of these divergent songs - an undercurrent that wellsåÊup from darker waters and lifts the beholder in that wistful, joyous, sensual, and at times terrifying tonal embrace we call music.‰۝åÊ

Hip FlaskåÊis released through bespoke imprint Frenzi, and features a 16 page illustrated booklet with liner notes by TavåÊhimself. To follow are deluxe double disc editions ofåÊThe World We KnewåÊ(1987),åÊReturn of the Blue PantheråÊ(1990)åÊandåÊLife Sentence in the CathouseåÊ(1991).åÊ


1. I‰۪m On This Rocket åÊ2. Pantherman 3. Bourgeois Blues 4. Cuban Rebel Girl åÊ5. Tina, the Go-Go Queen 6. She‰۪s aåÊ

Bad Motorcycle 7. Oh, How She Dances 8. Ditch Digging 9. Surfside Date 10. Fun Mob 11. My Mind Was Messed UpåÊ

at the Time 12. Torture 13. Funnel of Love 14. Born Too Late 15. She Wants to Sell My Monkey 16. Gentleman in BlackåÊ

17. Ballad of the Rue de la Lune åÊ18. Master of Chaos åÊ19. He‰۪ll Have to GoåÊåÊ