The Abigails - Tundra-Vinyl LP-South

The Abigails - Tundra


Sophomore Album Of Lee Hazelwood-like satanic outlaw country stompers. Highly recommended, follow up to last years' "The Songs Of Love And Despair". Warren Thomas is the low slow voice at the black heart of the Abigails, the band he describes as‰ÛÓand that he correctly asked us to describe as‰ÛÓsatanic outlaw country, which explains everything but his love songs and actually even some of the love songs. He was once in the Growlers and the Grand Elegance, but the Abigails are his baby (or spawn). Their Sound throws itself into a black hole that Skip Spence, Lee Hazlewood and Roky Erickson, Gun Club & Country Teasers all knew too well.

Tracks : 01. Twenty Nine 02. Calm Before The Storm 03. The One Who Let Me Go 04. Always 05. The Maze 06. No Jesus 07. It's Nothing To Me 08. Story Of Pain 09. Medication 10. For You 11. Ooh La Lay