The Billy Shinbone Show - The Billy Shinbone Show-CD-South

The Billy Shinbone Show - The Billy Shinbone Show

This is the debut album by The Billy Shinbone Show. It's the deviant fuzz-folk manglings & disco-punk-rock-blues of Somerset multi-instrumentalist Billy Shinbone. The album funnels his twin passions of old country & ‘60s psychedelia through the rusty plumbing of a DIY musical approach & his love of a twisty lyric. Apart from a couple of songs that make use of some musically talented friends, Billy plays all instruments. From banjo & accordion to bowed electric sitar & the clanging of an old motorcycle sprocket that just happened to ring a perfect "G". The drums are kept simple & primitive. No cymbals at all, no kick drum. Just a floor tom, a snare drum & assorted percussion. The project first seeded itself when Billy (aka Jesse Budd) spent time touring in the USA with arty psychedelic popsters Flipron & found himself falling in love with the old Country & Cajun music he was hearing in the bars of Texas & Tennessee. "Music as good as that just makes you want to join in. But I don't really fit in that world. So I've tried to invent my own world where a pink suit wearing, poetry reading, cocktail drinking surrealist like me can somehow bring my electric sitar to the Honkytonk & not get my head kicked in." The Billy Shinbone Show will be appearing in venues around the UK in the coming months, hopefully avoiding a kicking! (You can also catch him at his "day job" playing guitar for the Neville Staple Band, or hear him singing on Rat Scabies' new album. But that's another story...)